Mischa "Matchy" Volynskaya
A nice person who has nothing but an empathetic heart

The banner picture is part of Dr. Gaël McGill’s brilliant 3D rendering of a eukaryotic cell cross-section, based on X-ray, NMR and cryo-electron microscopy data. It’s just awesome.

题图是 Gaël McGill 博士根据 X 射线衍射、核磁共振和冷冻电镜数据呈现的真核细胞切面渲染图的一部分。很棒不是吗。

I’m known as Mischa “Matchy” Volynskaya on most social media sites. You can call me Matchy. I’m currently an undergraduate student doing double major in Biological Sciences and Computer Science & Engineering. I’m interested in Computational Biology, which is also the research area where I’d like to pursue a higher degree. Apart from that I also want to learn more about System Programming and Distributed Computing.

在大多数社交媒体网站上我都叫 Mischa “Matchy” Volynskaya,可以叫我 Matchy。本科生命科学和计算机科学双学位在读。我对计算生物学比较感兴趣,以后也想在这个领域深造。除此之外也想多学点系统编程和分布式计算的知识。

In my spare time I unwind to reading, drawing, movies and video games.