Mischa "Matchy" Volynskaya
A nice person who has nothing but an empathetic heart

The banner picture is part of Dr. Gaël McGill’s brilliant 3D rendering of a eukaryotic cell cross-section, based on X-ray, NMR and cryo-electron microscopy data. It’s just awesome.

题图是 Gaël McGill 博士根据 X 射线衍射、核磁共振和冷冻电镜数据呈现的真核细胞切面渲染图的一部分。很棒不是吗。

I’m known as Mischa “Matchy” Volynskaya on most social media sites. You can call me Matchy. I’m currently a Master student in Computational Biology. Most of the time I play with strings and exploit parallelization/vectorization techniques. Apart from that, I’m broadly interested in distributed computing, cloud computing and database design (actually those technologies are also directly applicable to my research interest!).

在大多数社交媒体网站上我都叫 Mischa “Matchy” Volynskaya,可以叫我 Matchy。目前是一名计算生物学领域的硕士研究生。多数时候都在玩字符串,或者折腾并行/向量化方法。除此之外,我对分布式计算、云计算和数据库设计都有广泛的兴趣,这些领域实际上也和我的科研兴趣直接相关。

In my spare time I unwind to reading, drawing, movies and video games.